Blessed or extremely wealthy at a young age is something not common to everyone in today’s biting economy era. Nikki (not her real name) walks past the medium coffee table, she undoubtedly has a beautiful body, heading to the kitchenette dressed in a pink track suit, furry flip-flops and a hoodie to cover her unkempt weave.

As I sit on the sofa, am surrounded by cream walls with a painting of, I assume a city in Africa, hanging on one of the walls. Flowery curtains that are neatly drawn onto the side with ribbons to hold them into position.

children playing
back to my roots
The windows also allow little but enough light to circulate in and the Chinese coffee table at centre of the room holds a wide flower vase with water and a flower, magazines and a pen rack. Three big sofas fill up the entire room.

It is a tiny set up for a living room. The lavish lifestyle has made her to sacrifice a lot to have it with her. At the age of 23,

Nikki proved wrong the myth of successful people been old and especially being a young woman. Lots of sleepless nights and brushing shoulders with unknown men and women in a bid to have it all.

She did not grow up in a bed well laid and sprinkled with roses. It has always been a tough growth.


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